I believe you are destined to be wealthy.
Your proven path to financial freedom is here. Learn how to master money and create your dream life.
Let's talk about Money
When you were little, you had all these dreams for your life. Then, you grew up and figured out you needed this little thing called money...

And most of those dreams remained just that, dreams. 
After all, it's not like we all got a million dollar trust fund and a playbook for managing our finances.
Most women feel totally unprepared when it comes to their finances, and that's because we weren't prepared! 

While we are more educated than ever, with the most opportunity than any other generation, we are also struggling and suffering financially.
  • Am I ever going to live without debt?
  • When will I be able to afford that dream house?
  • Is it possible to live without money stress?
  • Investing? That's way too complicated for me
  • Are those amazing dreams ever going to come true?
  • How can I make more money?!
Here's the truth: 
you're not alone!
Here's the secret:
 money is NOT as complicated as it seems!
When you feel like you've worked so hard and yet you are still living paycheck to paycheck or unable to live the lifestyle you desire and deserve, that's when you need to hear this:

Yes, you can reach financial freedom, independence and success!

And the amazing thing is that financial education can lead you to achieve all your wildest dreams and live your wealthiest life, whatever that looks like for you! 
So now you might dealing with all kinds of financial worries like:
  • You could plan financially and achieve all your money and life goals

  • You had a clear blueprint to follow so you could create the level of wealth you desire and deserve

  • You could finally let go of all the stress, anxiety and blocks you feel about money and instead experience empowerment, independence and security.

  • You didn't have to figure out how to invest but still be able to watch your accounts grow into a fortune 

Picture this...
What if you were given a clear roadmap and a solid foundation to achieve financial freedom and success - 

Proven strategies to banish debt and built your credit, the exact steps to cash allocation so you never have to be on a strict budget and pinch pennies, a way to kickstart earning independent income so you don't have to rely on anyone (including a job) for money and lastly, the best way to have your money invested so you can grow your fortune!
What if you had a clear program to follow so you never have to be worrying about your next step?
If your approach to life doesn't include a solid financial foundation, you're likely missing out on amazing moments.
Whether you're dealing with student debt or just tired of living paycheck to paycheck, I totally hear you. I made all the money mistakes and when I had enough, I decided to dedicate my life to mastering money.

After a decade in banking and wealth management, after combing through all the academics and watching close to $1 Billion being managed by all kinds of people, after becoming a financial advisor and publishing a book on personal finance for women, I've learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to creating wealth and living your dream life.

So what would your life look if you had a total Money Makeover, a clear step-by-step program that gives you all the tools, secrets, strategies to money?
I'd love to give you the ultimate solution to any financial worries
  • The empowerment, freedom and independence you get
  • An amazing lifestyle
  • Multiple income streams
  • Peace of mind
  • Exciting experiences you can now afford
  • Having control over your time and work
  • Pursuing your passions
  • Quitting an unfulfilling 9 to 5
  • Living a life aligned with your highest values
  • Freedom to do what you want to do, not what you have to do
  • More money!
  • Better relationships, especially if you have a life partner
  • Unstoppable confidence
  • Better health and a whole new Money Queen glow :)
Money can't buy you happiness, but the true gold in financial educations lies in its hidden benefits:
I'm so ready !
Here's what you'll learn
Here's what inside 
Money Makeover
Money Psychology
Kiss money blocks goodbye and become a powerful attractor to wealth and perfect finances
From budgeting to saving, taxes and negotiating, learn how to make the most of every dollar in your outflows.
Smart Spending
Build your dream business like a business tycoon and your lifetime fortune like an investment pro
Cashing In
  • Abundance Mindset To Wealth Full Training
  • All The Money Queen Scripts, Guides, Checklists, and How To's To Master Your Money
  • 7 Money Queen Makeover Exercises 
  • 7 Growth Mindset Hacks To Riches 
  • The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your $1,000 Emergency Fund Right Now
  • Secrets To Stop Budgeting and Start Managing Your Money Like A Money Queen
  • The Ultimate Guide To Automating Your Finances Like A Money Queen
  • The 3 Golden Rules To Spending Money Like A Money Queen
  • Credit, Spending And Saving Tracking Guide
  • Word For Word Script To Negotiate Your Credit And Bills
  • Debt Eliminator Step-By-Step Guide
  • Dream Life Blueprint Creator
  • The Secrets To High Fashion At A Fraction Of The Cost
  • The Proven 3-Step Strategy To Supercharge Your Income
  • Secrets To Kickstart Your Investment Portfolio, With Any Amount Of Money
  • How To Choose The Right Online Advisor For You
  • Guide To Setting Up Your Investment Portfolio And Account Types Like A Money Queen
  • Which Investment Account Is Best For Me Checklist
  • How To Automate Your Investment Portfolio And Grow Your Wealth Like A Money Queen
  • Secrets To Wealth Creation Now And For The Future Ultimate Guide 
  • Passive Income Made Easy The Ultimate Guide
“I can’t believe it took me this long to learn this stuff, I wasted so much time, money and tears, believing I was doomed to be broke, every woman needs this!”
- Caitlyn M.
“I am finally debt-free! I never thought this would be possible for me, I just assumed I’d roll over from student debt to a mortgage and have to live with paying most of money to others for the rest of my life, I just bought a house cash!”
- Jessica L.
“Before Money Makeover, I left all financial decisions to my husband, which turned really bad when we almost got divorced, I had no idea how to manage anything and would stress out about everything, Money Makeover saved my marriage and my life
-  Valery C.
“I grew up poor and assumed that I would follow the same road in my adult life, that money was bad and that it wasn’t an option for me anyway. I just bought my mom’s house so she’ll never have to deal with another phone call from the bank again, I am so grateful for Money Makeover”
- Alex L.
“I never thought I’d be able to quit my job and travel the world. I launched my business during Money Makeover and in what felt like the blink of an eye, I was running a million-dollar business, I’m not ashamed to say that I needed to hear that I could do it and then be given the steps and support, that’s exactly what Money Makeover did for me”
-  Hannah I.
“When I got laid off during the pandemic, I was sure I would be bankrupt in no time. Instead, I took the last savings I had and invested in myself and this program. Since then, I’ve gotten my dream job and doubled my income!”
- Leticia F.
Here’s what other 
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So, what's the investment?
My proven 21-day personal finance program designed specifically for women 
($1,000 value) 
When you join Money Makeover today, you'll get instant access to:
EXCLUSIVE access to the Money Queen community ($100 value)
All the word-for-word scripts to negotiate debt and bills, tracking sheets for debt, savings and investing goals, workbooks, exercises and independent income kickstarter ($200 value)
How to overcome money blocks and develop the Rich Money Blueprint with the Abundance Mindset To Wealth Full Training ( $200 value)
But I cannot see another woman suffer because of money, so I'm bringing that price way down to what works for you - so you can start living the life you desire and deserve!

The best investment you can ever make is investing on yourself, and learning how to manage money like a Money Queen has the power to completely change your life, from stress and barely getting by to financial freedom, independence and security!

Hi! I'm Maria,
I'm a millennial money coach, published author and financial advisor on a mission to help women master their finances and create their dream life. 

I love teaching others how to transform their relationship with money, from overcoming debt to supercharging their income and starting their dream business.

Can't wait to help you create wealth in your life!
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